Useful Links

  • Ben’s Facebook page
  • I am going to keep this page up to date with all of my news and acheivements. Also, this will feature articles about my training and progress throughout the season.

  • Ben’s Instagram page
    My Instagram feed can be found on this site, down the right hand side along with various snippets throughout the site. These will feaure my videos and photos of my training sessions along with news and meetings that I attend and compete in.

  • Luke’s Webpage
    This is Luke Angell's website where he shares lots of tips and techniques. He is my coach and mentor.

  • ThrowsHub
    A throwing related media channel dedicated to putting throwers first, also ran by Luke.

  • Power of 10 (UK Athletics Rankings)
    This is my personal profile on the Power of 10 website. Here you can see all of the facts and figures regarding my acheivements and records.






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